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A Shade Greener Finance Ltd can provide medium term funding for clients who have taken a bridge or development funding facility first. The Soft Landing facility is designed to allow customers time to arrange their exit finance with one of the main high street lenders, whilst at the same time, pay a more reasonable rate of interest on their loan with us.

Many high street banks wish to see 1 or 2 years trading performance before they will offer a long term commercial mortgage. Paying high rates of interest for this amount of time can penalise businesses and stagnate growth. This can potentially lead to high street lenders rejecting the opportunity to refinance. The Soft Landing facility allows A Shade Greener Finance customers time to demonstrate the profitability of their business and not bear the long term burden of bridging finance interest rates. 

The Soft Landing facility is made available at the same time as the initial bridge or development funding, allowing customers the peace of mind that their short and medium term financing arrangements are secure.

As long as there has been no default on the bridge or development funding facility, A Shade Greener Finance can arrange for the facility to automatically roll into the Soft Landing facility.

Terms vary from 6 months to 5 years, with average loan durations of 2 years.

A Shade Greener Finance Ltd offer a range of tailored medium term financial solutions. Terms and conditions apply. Please email for more information.