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Many business recovery and restructure cases require both money and expertise to help companies to stabilise and get back on the road to success. A Shade Greener Finance brings the two together, investing capital as well as providing the necessary expertise to help resolve and overcome the immediate challenges.

A Shade Greener has expertise in insolvency, corporate law, commercial finance, debt recovery, operations, process and business development. We work with companies to stabilise them and help engineer long term funding arrangements, once the client is in a more stable position.

Regardless of the state of the adverse situation, A Shade Greener Finance will work with Directors to review the problems and develop a recovery plan.

Due to the nature and complexity of recovery scenarios, all investments are reviewed on a case by case basis with rates and fees negotiable depending on the level of risk. All investments must be asset backed and some form of guarantee may be required. Funding and support arrangements are usually in place between 3 to 24 months. The long term goal is always to stabilise the trading position and then refinance with a high street lender.

If you need to restructure your commercial funding arrangements and help stabilise your business, contact A Shade Greener Finance to see how we can help.